By choosing me as your partner, you have taken the first step towards upping your digital game. I will deliver you a personalised digital strategy, with the aim of giving you the tools you need to increase your digital traction and revenue.

My core services are:

  • Website User Experience Audit & Consultation: I will run a full audit on your website and grade the experience on a few key factors. I will provide you with insight to the user journey and identify blockages that may be preventing you from converting direct bookings. You will be provided with full documentation of my findings, including an SEO audit, recommendations of changes to your site map and technologies you should consider integrating.
  • Social Media Strategy & Consultation: Firstly, we will identify who you want to speak to, not just in a geographical sense, but what type of customers would be most attracted to your hotel, restaurant or destination. Once we have identified these personas, we can reverse engineer your social media strategy in order to optimise engagement of your posts and campaigns. You will be provided with full documentation containing customer profiles & ongoing strategy including: Step by step guide on how to create and manage a campaign on your social platforms, creative ideas for content and storytelling opportunities
  • TripAdvisor and Reputation Management Training: Using my first-hand experience of working with TripAdvisor, I will share best practices when dealing with threats to your online and offline reputation. This includes an audit of all reviews about your brand, my summary report and action plan in case of a digital crisis.
  • Pre-Opening Digital Strategy and Consultation: If you are opening a new property or restaurant and want to make the big digital impact, I will put together a full pre-opening campaign strategy for your brand. This includes all documentation, concept ideas, budgeting/allocation, detailed customer profiles and ongoing weekly skype catch up calls.
  • Tender and Proposal Reviews: Selecting the right web or digital agency can be a stressful process. I can help you cut through the technical jargon and fully understand what each proposal actually means. This includes reviewing the deliverables your potential partner has suggested. This will not only ensure you select the right partner first time, but that you also get maximum value for money.

My Specialised Services include:

  • Attracting Incremental Markets from the Middle East: From the last 10 years of my career looking after the region, I can offer great insight to attracting Middle Eastern customers to your business through Social Media. Travellers from this region offer a high booking value, but in order to attract them, considerations need to be made to culture and interests when targeting this audience on social platforms.

By the end of my consultation, you will have a clear path for digital success. I will work with you to identify a straightforward list of objectives & a refreshed approach towards creativity and quality of your content.

Your success, is my success.

Contact me below to find out more about my process:

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