My Mission

My mission is simple:

  • To enhance your existing digital assets, whilst others would try to sell you new ones. Your website is most often the first touching point you have with a new customer – if the experience isn’t good, it reflects negatively on your hotel or restaurant. Whilst a sales person may tell you to get a new website, i will try to recommend the most cost effective options based on your budget.
  • To give you honest and independent advice, and treat your business as it were my own. Whilst asking your friends and family is a great way to get feedback about your website or Facebook page, quite often they are either too inexperienced or too nice to give you negative feedback. Whilst i am no Simon Cowell, if something isn’t working or doesn’t look good – i will tell you.
  • To prepare you for any future partnership with another 3rd party – making sure you get value for money. If you are thinking of partnering with a digital agency – who is the person you should speak to before signing a contract? Answer: Me. I will give you the understanding you need to ensure you are getting the most out of your agency or freelancer.
  • To arm you with supporting documentation outlining your personalised digital strategy. One document, one objective: Revenue. Whilst all the creative content is great for raising awareness, it doesn’t pay the bills.
  • To give you the knowledge and tools you need to increase audience engagement and revenue conversion. Regardless if your budget is $1000 or $100,000 – I will give you recommendations to the tools best suited for your individual goals.
  • Finally, to give you honest and transparent pricing for the services I provide. My cost is a one off payment – no monthly retainer. After working with me, I honestly want you to feel like you have benefited by working with me.