4 Scenarios where you need a digital consultant for your hotel or travel business.

When Pinocchio came to life, he found himself lost in a new and complicated World. His inexperience lead him to deal with a host of unsavory characters and scary situations. Luckily for Pinocchio, he had Jiminy Cricket to help him along the way.

Some of you may find yourselves lost in the World of digital marketing. Your own inexperience (and best intentions) can leave you flustered and demotivated if your hard work doesn’t yield results. In times like these, you could use your own Jiminy Cricket to steer you back on the right path.

Here are some scenarios where you should consider using a professional digital consultant to act as your compass!!

  • You are about to partner with a web or digital agency – Your first touch with a digital agency is usually a sales consultant. Whilst there are a lot of great sales people and agencies within the marketing industry, there are also a lot of cowboys who will shape your requirements around their own limited delivery capabilities. Before signing the dotted line and investing significant amounts of time and money with a digital marketing or web agency, speak to a consultant to who can offer you honest and independent advice. Ask your digital consultant to review the proposals, use his or her network to get some insider feedback about the potential partners you have shortlisted.
  • Your existing digital agency isn’t performing – So, you skipped the first scenario and went lone wolf. Using your best judgement, you have signed up to a digital agency or freelancer. The partnership started off great, but 3 months have passed and you have yet to yield any tangible results. It might be worth getting an independent consultant to audit what your agency are doing and ensure you are getting value for money.
  • You handle your marketing in-house and feel overloaded and lost – Honestly it can be a tough job managing your own social. Trying to remain creative within the same hotel / restaurant / destination environment can be exhausting. At first it was just Facebook… Then Instagram… Then you activated twitter… Add in Snapchat and Pinterest… Then Instagram Stories…What about Linkedin? How to you create unique and interesting content for all platforms when you are just one person trying to run a business?! Sometimes you need a 3rd party to come along and steer your ship back on course. First piece of friendly advice: You don’t need to be in ALL places, just the right places.
  • Honest and Independent feedback – Whilst in the early days, asking your friends and family that they thought of your website or Facebook page provided you with enough encouragement to reassure yourself you were doing a good job. However, quite often your friend and family are both too nice and wholly inexperienced in the art of digital marketing. A Digital Consultant’s job isn’t to rubbish your current efforts, or tell you to go out invest in a $500 SLR camera to take better images. They should enable you to make the most out of the current assets you have.

If you think you may need to speak to a digital consultant – contact me today by filling in the below form


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